Past Projects 


1. “A Community Approach to Eliminating Violence Against Women” (2002 – 2006) – Facilitating a process of community mobilisation to eliminate domestic and sexual violence through research, training of COMMUNITY ADVOCACY VOLUNTEERS and legal support services. Supported by the MacArthur Foundation Fund for Leadership Development.

2. “Abuja Family Law Centre” (2010-2011) – Legal clinic at chambers for women experiencing domestic and sexual violence and lectures to women’s groups around Abuja about their legal rights within the family and marriage. Over 2000 women reached and educated. Funded with a grant from the Kudirat Initiative for Democracy (KIND).


3. WOMEN’S LEGAL DEFENCE TRUST FUND (2012) to aggregate funds from a variety of sources and to make grants with those funds to lawyers and organizations litigating cases that can have a broad impact on the protection, expansion and interpretation of women’s rights in Nigeria. Crowd sourced $1000 for the defence of Wasila Umar the child bride accused of murdering her husband and his 3 friends in Kano State in 2014. She was subsequently acquitted.