Current Projects


A grand alliance of women and women’s organisations around Nigeria demand peace and peaceful resolution to all national conflicts.

The Nigerian Women Unite for Peace Consultative Meeting; Integrating Nigerian Women into the Peace Process; was held to provide a platform for the voices of women across Nigeria to be heard with regards to key issues negatively affecting the lives of Nigerians and their families generally and to ensure that the views and opinions of women in discussions on the issues of the Unity and Progress of Nigeria are not sidelined.

#NGWomen4Peace has created an opportunity to achieve greater participation and representation through political pressure and activism supported by a broad based national alliance of women and women’s groups.

September Declaration

Independence Day Declaration


October 1 Independence Day #WhiteBlouseDay Campaign

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We will continue to build a grand alliance of women and women’ groups around the country to demand peace, dialogue and de-escalation.


Scaling “A Community Approach to Eliminating Violence Against Women”

WCC’s first program was so successful that we have decided to scale it to cover more communities around the country. Our community advocacy volunteers are chosen from among the community and supported to intervene in domestic violence situations. An unexpected outcome of the initial program was that the CAVs also uses their new skills to mediate in other community disputes successfully and were recognised and respected for the capacity. This can go a long way in ensuring peace in a community and not just for the women and girls of the community.

Scaling the program will mean identifying and training community advocacy volunteers in conflict resolution and management as well as providing economic opportunities for women and girls in communities to enhance their status and decision making ability.


Women Finding Peace In A Conflicted World 

This year, the WCC pilots a 16 Days of Activism event to highlight WCC and its programs, promote Nigerian women artistes and promote self expression and healing through art for women generally and victims of various forms of violence against women specifically.


The Exhibit showcases art works created by women telling their story of personal healing and finding peace in a world of violence, conflict and war that is waged on and with women’s bodies.

Looking Through Her Eyes: An Exhibition of Paintings and Photography

The exhibition has the following goals:

  • Celebrate women’s strength and healing in the face of violence through the arts
  • Create a safe space for women to tell their stories
  • Empower women through creative expression
  • Promote the WCC to the Abuja non profit and diplomatic community
  • Promote the arts in Abuja and
  • Encourage collaborations among women’s and artists’ groups