Durumi IDP Camp in Need of Urgent Assistance #WCC2017

Mallam Idriss Ibrahim Halilu is the Coordinator, Government and Public Affairs at the Durumi Camp. Today he told me about some of the biggest challenges they face. Medical is the biggest. They have a clinic but no drugs what so ever. The last time it was stocked was in late 2015 when a governors wife donated drugs. Since then nothing. There are currently a number of medical crisis on their hands – a toddler that drank poison, a man with severe typhoid, some in need of ante natal care. And – a nine year old girl that was raped so brutally the doctors don’t think she will be able to have children.

They have had no government assistance since 2014 when they were given ten bags of rice and the last time FEMA visited them was in 2015 when, according to Mallam Idriss, they dropped 5 cartons of mosquito coils for them. We can and should do better as a nation and as a people.

They need our help. Right now Mallam Idriss writes a letter to the presidency and the Human Rights Commission begging for help every time there is a medical emergency. Sometimes help comes to late and sometimes not at all. The camp chairman has refused to pen a bank account or adopt best practices that will enable the camp receive assistance and share it equitably to every one.

Our project assistant and Mallam Idriss

Instead of a food drive we are organising a medical drive on their behalf. Donate medicines and if you are a medical worker please volunteer your time. People are suffering and dying. Remember, this can happen to any of us. War and conflict do not discriminate even while they affect women and children disproportionately.

If you would like to help them get in touch with Mallam Idriss directly on 0809 880 0181 or get in touch with us at Denk Spaces, 13 Uyo Close, Area 11, Garki.

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