Featured Content – Women Finding Peace: Exhibit & Workshops 25 November – 10 December

Women are both more outspoken about DV and more supportive of each other. However there is still a huge gap in therapeutic programs for survivors of various programs and funding for such programs. Artistic expression has been and continues to be an accessible and cost effective way of therapy for victims and survivors of various forms of violence.

WCC is piloting a program that will bring awareness to violence against women especially in conflict situations and promote the use of artistic expression as therapy for VAW as well as tell the women’s stories of survival.  Art therapy, defined in the 1940s as the therapeutic use of art in healing, is a common method of working through traumatic experiences.

Using an exhibition and workshops as creative vehicles of support and empowerment we encourage participants to use their voices to combat violence and violence against women. Whether they are survivors, bystanders or advocates of sexual assault victims  participants can experience the personal and therapeutic impact of speaking out against gender based violence through the use of metaphor.

The Exhibit showcases art works created by women telling their story of personal healing and finding peace in a world of violence, conflict and war that is waged on and with women’s bodies.

The exhibition will:

  • Celebrate women’s strength and resilience in the face of violence
  • Create a safe space for women to share their stories
  • Empower women through creative expression
  • Promote the WCC
  • Promote the arts in Abuja and
  • Encourage collaborations among women’s and artists’ groups


Exhibit Opening Date: Saturday 25 November 2017 Time: 6PM

Coinciding with the commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of All Forms of Violence Against Women. Opening night will include activities including an “Orange the World” event, spoken word poetry, book reading and cocktails in the garden.

The exhibiting artistes will facilitate one day workshop  during the 16 days with 20 at risk young women and or survivors of various forms of VAW. Participants will be selected from IDP camps, rape and counselling centre, sex workers rehabilitation programs and other programs that target and work with at risk women.

Painting Workshop for Girls and Young Women: Saturday 25 November 2017

Photography Workshop: Saturday 2 December 2017

Writing Workshop: Saturday 9 December 2017


Exhibit Closing Date:  Sunday 10 December  2017 Time: 6.00PM

Coinciding with Human Rights Day. Recognition of all participants and exhibition of works from the workshops by the participants including drama skit, poetry, photographs, and paintings.


‘Umuokpu’ – Painting by Millicent Osumuo

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